Microsoft Adventure (TRS-80, 5 1/4" Disk) Microsoft - 1980 USA, Canada Release

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Microsoft Adventure
Packaging cover Microsoft Adventure.
Product ID MSOFT0026
Platform(s) TRS-80
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1980
Publisher(s) Microsoft
Category(s) Entertainment, Adventure
Country of Origin United States of America


Description from the packaging.

You are standing at the end of a road before a small brick building. Around you is a forst. A small stream flows out of the building and down a gully. There is a shiny brass lamp nearby.

Get ready to make the firest decision that will affect your course through the 'Colossal Cave' in the first complete version of Adventure ever implemented on personal computers! As your prove yourself sufficiently skilled in overcoming obstacles, more sections of the cave will become open to you. Proceed, explore the cavern, and collect your treasures. But watch out! Killer dwarves, green snakes, active volcanoes, sulfur lakes, trolls, a five-foot oyster and other hazards abound. Each Microsoft Adventure session is unique with over 400 messages and descriptions that can be combined in endless ways. Never before has the sophisticated fantasy/logic game, written for the DEC PDP-10, been totally implemented on personal computers.

Microsoft Adventure was implemented by Gordon Letwin of Softwin Associates.

System Requirements

Required RAM 32K

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Microsoft Adventure. Retail Box back Microsoft Adventure.



Package Contents




Cheats or Easter Eggs

Technical Notes